A newbie and a Blank Page

Look at the sky, it is so bright and clear todayThere is no blue spots to be seen, everywhere is white!Oh, there is a thin horizontal line of black cloudsWhy are they here? have they lost their way? The sky, so blank, reminds me of my answer sheetsThe black clouds look like the heading I […]

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How to Beat the Hell out of a Brawl; A Life Lesson from an Exciting Cricket Match

Every cricket fan here knows that an exciting cricket league is going on in the UAE. Yes, the IPL. The league is well known for exciting cricket matches.
An exciting match, just finished now, has inspired me this poem. So, a team called Kings xi Punjab batted first and scored 223 runs in 120 balls. This score has never been chased before. Rajasthan Royals did the unbelievable by chasing the total down in 117 balls. During the chase, one batsman, Rahul Tewatia, was struggling to score runs. He scored only 8 runs of his first 19 balls, when his team needed more than a run a ball. On air, commentators were wondering why the Royals sent this poor guy in. During the game, even one of his team mate, Samson refused to give him the strike. But he didn’t doubt himself and stayed calm. And, scored 30 runs of 6 balls from an international bowler. And, eventually paved the way for his team to complete the highest chase in the history of the IPL. His self-belief inspired me to write this poem. For me, cricket is not just a game. It is a reflection of life. It gives me life lessons.

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My Lock-down Mindset

Lazy, lonely, Very bore, Sadly, stressful, To the core.   Chilling, killing, Time away, Hundred, hurting, Thoughts each day.   Blankly, barren, Is my mind, Feeling, friendless, In the wild.   Hoping, coping, Play pretend, Will stay, with will, Till the end!

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